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would have an expedited process with fema, get whatever assistance we needed. he moved an expedited process this morning by declaring new jersey a major disaster area. the eight counties that are receiving an medek louisiana ratioand immediate individual, atlantic, cape may, hudson, excess. middle south momoth, ocean and union. note this list is not final and many other counties will be added as we make a damage assessment. the biggest issues we are facing right now in our most inch packeted counties are search and rescue and restoration of pow every. i want to make up sure that we are getting to new jersey citizens who chose not to evacuate or got caught in floodwaters. our pr priority is to assure the safety and security of every new jersey citizen. our helicopters are in the air as we speak engaging in coastline rescue efforts. our swift water team is positioned in atlantic city and has begun rescue and recovery for hose who remained in atlantic city. teams units from central and south to union beach. middletown, bell mar. madelsquain are beginning rescue april rations. we saw ti
i want to do is make sure that fema, which normally doesn't pay for dunes or shore protection, can do some of that on an emergency basis. bill: that's a great point. i was especially struck by the comments that your governor made yesterday, chris christie. he was clearly taken aback what he had seen up and down the shore. >> it is just like nothing i have ever seen before. you know, we had irene. last year we had a nor'easter in '92. i remember as a kid hurricane donna but nothing like this. there are so many people stranded without shelter. and the damage to the public infrastructure, to the boardwalks, municipal buildings, firehouses it is just endless. bill: frank pallone, thank you. we're going to stay in touch with you and a lot of others down there and hopefully get the word out. if we can help in any way making the word more public we certainly will, sir. thank you and good luck to you and your family. >> thank you. bill: frank pallone, democrat on the jersey shore. waking up to a whole new world as so many people are. >> sandy's wrath is extending into west virgina. have yo
think the most important thing to realize the head of fema, craig fugate, is an experienced man. i worked with him when he was running emergency management group in florida. i think you're going to see the dollars coming from the federal government but you will need the leadership from the individual governors and clearly mayor bloomberg and governor cuomo and governor christie can provide it. working in collaboration with the local officials. i know easy for me to say and difficult for people to accept. it will have to be a lot of patience. it will take months if not years to rebuild these communities. i encourage them to look at haley barbour model in mississippi after the katrina disaster. he took that disaster and used the opportunity to basically rebuild some of those communities. it takes planning. it takes courage and leadership. i, in fact i suspect you will find in both those states with the governors. bill: that is great example. thanks for bringing that to light. let's bring to what fox news was reporting late last night with regard to libya. a big turn now. now we have
are and what the fema efforts are? there is no doubt in my mind that this death toll will continue to rise, that people are losing their lives as we speak out there, and i wonder if we're going to hear more from the president in terms of an update. >> reporter: i will tell you martha that his events, he had three events yesterday and at all three of those he made clear to start his remarks by giving a quick update, not a long one but a quick update for people in some of these other states where they may not understand how desperate the situation is back on the eastern seaboard. he's done that, and jay carney will likely brief reporters today aboard air force one later today when the president is moving to another state. but you're right, this is something that is important. while the president is resuming the campaigning we are only four days out from an election and people are focused on that there is 0 obviously a lot of attention that need to be focused on what is going on on the ground, martha. martha: in some ways it does feel like the aftermath of september 11th. obviously a very dif
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)